Adios for Flickr

Mike Lieser
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Download all your Flickr albums with just 5 clicks. It's super easy & fast. You don't want to download all photos album by album right? And you don't want to export just all your photos into one single large folder with ten thousands of photos in it, right? Adios for Flickr is the easiest solution to download all your Flickr albums into separate folders. One folder per album. Yep, it's that easy!

The license key you will get right after payment can be used to activate the app on 3 different computers, so it's even cheaper if you have some Flickr buddies who want to leave too. On a single computer you can do unlimited exports, even for different Flickr users.

Download the app here!

  • Mac
    min. 10.10
  • Windows
    7, 8 & 10
  • Macmin. 10.10
  • Windows7, 8 & 10
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Adios for Flickr

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